Time Out




Hair Base- L’Etre – Shaved Hairbase   L’Etre

Eyebrows- Modulus – Hawk Eyebrows Wounded (Sponsored)  The Crossroads Event (New)

Eyes- *Queen oF Ink [Soulful Eyes]#2 – Tropical Eyes  *Queen oF Ink [Soulful Eyes]#2 – Wolf Eyes (Sponsored)  *Queen oF Ink  (New)

Eye Bags- Nox. Eyebags  VileCult – Conduit EyeBags V1 (Custom Made)  Nox  &  VileCult

Ears-  ^^Swallow^^ Rox Ears  Mesh Body Addicts Fair  (New)

Beard & Moustache- Barber Shop / Short Beard  & [Deadwool] Moustache  Barber Shop & [DEADWOOL]

Lip Chain & Nose Piercing – Le Morte – Chained Lip  &  Le Morte – Engel Septum Ring (GG) Le Morte

Body Tattoo-  Suicide Gurls – Anatu Unisex Tattoo (Sponsored) (Agust VIP GG)

Suicide Gurls (New)

Pants- Caboodle – Cain Pants TMD (New)

Chair- He Chair – Purple Poses + Me TMD (New)

Thanks To Sponsors….

*Queen oF Ink     Modulus     Suicide Gurls

Also Thanks To VileCult For Making Those Custom Eye Bags..


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