Beard-  -Labyrinth- Goat Beard Marketplace

Chin Piercing- ^^swallow^^ Tribal Face Piercing Black ^^Swallow^^

BlindFold- Le Morte – Deception Blindfold The Dark Style Fair 3

Side Horns- {Ozma} horns onyx .::Cubic Cherry::. The Dark Style Fair 3

Ears- Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA] [MANDALA]

Head Horns-{ Speakeasy } Black horns RARE Speakeasy

Septum- AITUI – Bull Horn Septum Piercing – Sky [AITUI]

Septum- *katat0nik* (red) Drippy Septum Ring RARE *katat0nik*

Hair- [taketomi]_Shin_II_Bento Taketomi

Pants- Yasum*MESH*Steampunk Capri Baggies*Yasum Design

Boots- [Gos] Triumph Boots Gos

Body Tattoo- **UrbanStreet** Dead Smile Tattoo  The Dark Style Fair 3

Special Thanks to Sponsor..

.Urban Street.png


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