A Different View

First In Line.jpg



Hair Base-  L’Etre – Shaved Hairbase  L’Etre Mainstore. Body Shop

Face Clips-  Mad’ – Oracle # 4  On9 March. 2016

Mustache-  [Deadwool] Moustache [DEADWOOL] – Tailor’s cabin

Beard-  -Labyrinth- Goat Beard Marketplace

Ears-  Stretched ears-Omimi- [MANDALA] [MANDALA] Main store

Head Cross-  .DirtyStories. Head Tiny Cross  .DirtyStories. Mainstore ❤

Body Tattoo-  -7P-Pamzkiee  -Prodigy Ink-

Face Tattoos –   .Inhale. Deadly Face Tattoo & AITUI TATTOO – Wicked Face Tat .Inhale.

Tattoo Co. & [AITUI]

Pants –  ::GB::Bondage strap pants  ::GABRIEL::MAIN STORE

Thanks to 7Prodigy For the Pamzkiee….




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